OXC Provincial Championships at Norwood Fair
(EXCA Sanctioned Pointed Race)
MONDAY, October 9th, 2017

Judge's/Rider's Meeting at 7:45am • Race Start time 8:00am
Location: Norwood Fairgrounds • www.norwoodfair.com
48 Alma Street, Norwood, Ontario, K0L 2V0

The OXC Provincial Championships
is an INVITE ONLY event for OXC Riders.
Top high point riders are invited to fill 8 spots per division.

All OXC / EXCA Races are now approved by:
Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Development Program,

Off-Track Standardbred Incentive Program


- Entry is by qualification only.
Top 8 OXC riders by points in each division will be invited to enter.
Riders will have 24 hours complete entry forms and send payment. Otherwise the next rider on the list will be given the opportunity until all divison spots are filled.

- All participants must show proof of carrying personal liability insurance. Failure to provide proof of insurance will result in disqualification with no refund. (A current Liability Insurance Policy that covers Equine Related Activities (eg. OEF or CRHRA) must be provided to participate in OXC events.)

- All entrants must be current members of OXC.

- One entry form required per horse/rider combination. (You can enter more than one division on an entry form with only one admin fee.)

- Neither the Norwood Agricultural Society nor the OXC Committee is responsible for loss, injury or damage to animals, equipment and persons whether it be exhibitors or spectators.

- All riders under 18 (Youth and Young Guns) are to wear an ASTM approved riding helmet while mounted.

- The event is to start at 8:00am. Rider's meeting at 7:45am.
It is highly recommended that you be on the grounds an hour before start time.

- There will be 8 divisions running in the following order: Young Guns, Youth, Novice, Intermediate, Non-Pro, Green Horse, Ride Smart, Pro

- There will be a walk thru for each division.

- Race participants must pre-register. Admin Fees are non-refundable. Entry fees are non-refundable (unless provided with a veterinary certificate).

- Riders will have 1 round.

- All participant’s names (by division) will be put into a computerized random draw to decide the order of go. No order changes will be permitted and you are expected to be ready to go when called.

- $2000 added prize money.

- Please be sure to have read the EXCA rule book. A link can be found HERE.


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