Duke orthopaedics presents wheeless' textbook of orthopaedics site map search site by word home advertising info editorial board contact us my account radiographic imaging of scaphoid frx    - see:         - scaphoid fracture:                - non diagnositic x-ray                - bone scan for scaphoid frx:                - ct scan evaluation         - radiology of hand & wrist:         - radiology scapholunate dislocation - discussion:     - classification: complete fractures tend to fall into distinct categories;            - about 1/9 scaphoid fractures will be incomplete;            - complete fractures tend to fall into distinct categories;            - tubercle frx                   - these fractures may often be mistaken for dorsal sulcus frx, since collapse at the frx sitereduces its length on the pa film,                            which falsely makes it appear more distal;            - transverse waist frx            - proximal pole frx            - dorsal sulcus frx (oblique in the plane of the dorsal sulcus):                   - these frx occur in the line of the dorsal sulcus (which is 45 deg to the surgical waist);                   - frx line starts at the dorsal apex of the ridge adjacent to the lunate and runs obliquely;                   - these fractures may often be mistaken for dorsal sulcus frx, since collapse at the frx site                           reduces its length on the pa film, which falsely makes it appear more distal;                   - this type of frx pattern is unstable and often leads to the humpback deformity;     - any displacement that is shown at frx site indicates significant instability, making internal fixation rx of choice;     - note that increased fracture obliquity is associated w/ increase scaphoid instability;     - on both pa and lateral views note whether there is any carpal instability, which might represent trans-scaphoid perilunate dislocation; - radiographic views:     - semi-pronated oblique pa view:             - best view for assessing dorsal sulcus fractures, and can also help evaluate waist frx displace. cost of viagra 100mg viagra pills expire buy viagra generic buy cheap viagra online uk generic viagra in usa cost of viagra 100mg canadian pharmacy viagra no prescription viagra without a doctor prescription buy generic viagra london cheap viagra without a prescription buy viagra super active online viagra generic availability active ingredients viagra viagra viagra for sale buy generic viagra http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-buy-generic-viagra-online-cheap-tx/ cost of viagra 100mg Buy viagra cheap australia Buy generic viagra and viagra online FAQ'S

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